November 2007

Dear Visitor,

All of us at Lemagro are delighted to welcome you to our site. Whether you came directly to us or simply happened across us by chance, make yourself at home as you explore our products and the services we offer. We're absolutely certain you'll find something to interest you.

We're a family business based in Belgium and are specialized in high quality fertilizers such as the water soluble, foliar and micronutrient types. Our well-known GROGREEN brands are distributed to some 35 countries around the world and have built up a strong reputation for quality and reliability.

We haven't stopped there, however. We're constantly looking at innovative ways of helping you improve your yields and quality. In fact, our new range of GL products may be just the thing you're looking for unique, highly concentrated gels specifically designed for fertigation and foliar applications. Our GRINTA and SUBTIL concepts might also fit the bill for your business crop-specific fertilizers designed for soil-grown crops and hydroponics.

In short, we're pretty sure we've got the products to meet your needs. But we also like to think of ourselves as being a lot more than just a supplier. This means we have to perform meeting or even exceeding the standards you expect. It means we have to provide the right kind of quality, the right answers and the right level of service to our customers. It means we have to look after our customers, respond to their needs and listen to what they say.

It's a part of our business that we really enjoy. We invite you to try our products and test our services. We're committed to achieving the very best for you and your business and believe we can make a real difference.

If you'd like more information or simply feel like sharing your thoughts on the types of fertilizers you need, you're welcome to ring us. We're only a phone call or mail away. In the meantime, enjoy our site and let us know what you think.

With kind regards,

Leo Raeymaeckers



Lemagro produces water soluble fertilizers: NPK's, trace elements and micronutrients. Our GROGREEN products are suited for fertigation, drip irrigation and foliar application. All Grogreen water soluble trace elements are chelated by EDTA, DTPA or EDDHA. Lemagro is an international company supplying a whole range of nutrition products for the horticultural and/or agricultural market.